Sonntag, 14. März 2010



  1. I just think using the Bozart table as a shower wall is brilliant! I need to go to this spa, let's go! CM

  2. My thought exactly! It makes a fantastic feature wall. And with the champagne, soft light, nice scents and peaceful music - luxury indeed, I feel better just thinking about it :-)

  3. You are just fabulous. I adore the little lava lamp and the pink chair. I want to thank you so much for adding me to your favorites list. I am honored and thrilled. Also want to ask if this set up is a plastic organization box from Ikea. I recognize the windows and saw something like this at Ikea but hubby thought it was too big for us. I just want to be like you because you are so special and inspiring. Hope all is well, work is good and you are feeling as fabulous as you are.

  4. Hi Flocke and Rebecca, thanks for your agreement andd nice you like the luxury-feeling in my spa.

    Amy, yes, it is a box calles Lekmann by Ikea. It is big, indeed, but with lundby-furniture you can build even 2 storys in it. it's a pity that I'm so bad in giving my post tags, otherwise you could easily find more scenes in this box.

    Amy, beware of the Internet! Not everything or everybody who seems fabulous to you, must have a fabulous life or good work or a fabulous feeling: BY NO MEANS!!
    You can see only a few parts of my personality in my blog, in my fotos. They are some of the better parts of my life. The other parts I do not show or even in adumbrations.
    Amy, it is nice to give you inspiration and good feelings, but please stop talking like "I want to be like you!" Just be like YOU, this is the best thing you can do, and there is no more needed to be loved.
    Have you ever seen stories with dolls in my blog? With many dolls, with collected dolls of all periods? Intersting and amusing stories, catched in lovely pictures!
    This is the thing you do best! We are all different, and I love it. Please be who and how you are. Okay?

    Hmhm, I was in a church today, a christeing. Perhaps this is the reason that I talk a bit like a pastor - hope you don't mind!
    Lots of love to all my different blogger-frieds!

  5. I am so ready for the luxury spa treatment. :)

    This looks great!

  6. Okay Oese. I didn't mean to offend you. I am sorry. I meant the compliment in the nicest way possible. Hope your day is good. Hugs, Amy

  7. Oh, jaaaa - büdde :D Ich will da sofort hin! Ich hab´ diese Kälte so leid!


  8. Hi Amy, I am not offended. Please don't be sad or angry because of my words. It's an up and down at the moment inside me and sometimes I lose control.
    Hugs, that's right.

    Nicola, ich kann auch nicht mehr, die Kälte macht mich auch kirre. Wann ist das endlich vorbei? An meine Heizkostenabrechnung darf ich schon gar nicht denken.....