Freitag, 16. April 2010


I'm such a lucky person having so many online-friends sending me nice pieces! Thanks to CM from My Realitty for this chair. It is broken, but it wasn't available in the shops I searched for it. I tried to glue it, but it is hard because the chair is heavy and the thingamabomb is so small. For a first shot I fixed it the way you see on the last foto. I really have to ask my son to help me.
By the way: Carols blog is uncomparable, she has more then 180 followers and she's blogging for half a year!


  1. You have been so generous to me with your help and advice in this blogging undertaking. The chair looks so good in your setting. It just didn't work in my white house. I hope your son can solder it. You really brought it out placing it in front of the window. Cheers. F

  2. Hi Flocke my dear, I'm sure he will fix it, the question is only, when :-)