Freitag, 30. April 2010

I need help - Ich brauche Hilfe

Gibt es einen Trick oder eine Technik, mit der ich die durch den Aufnahmewinkel verschobenen Proportionen ausgleichen kann? Oder irgendwelche anderen Tipps, wie man die Umrisse richtig übertragen kann? Ich stelle immer wieder fest, dass selbst kleinste Abweichungen in der Größe das ganze Stück "komisch" oder falsch aussehen lassen.
Da es ja genug Ingenieure im Miniblogger land gibt, hoffe ich auf Hilfe.
Is there a trick or technique, how to clear the proportion of a furniture, when I only have such a foto? I realized that even a minimal change of the measure makes the whole item looking wrong or strange anyway. I think there are a lot of ingeneurs in the miniblogger-land, perhaps one can help me, because I think something is wrong with my cardboard-model, but I have no idea what to change. You?

1. Update:
Also ich habe die Tipps von Dragondee benutzt und die Beine länger gemacht und das hintere ist nun in anderer Position. Ich habe auch die Winkel verändert.
1. Update:
Okay I used your tipps and made the legs longer, the back leg is now in another position and I changed the angles.

Aber ich glaube, ich hatte nur Glück. Ich versuche die Frage mittels der Fotos zu verbessern:
But I think I was only lucky. I try to clear my question with this fotos:

- Ich nehmen den Winkel vom Originalfoto ab
- und mache einen Papp-Versuch freihändig
- je nachdem, aus welchem Winkel ich dies nun fotografiere, variiert der Winkel natürlich durch die Perspektive.
Meine Frage war: Ist es möglich den Winkel in einem perspektivische Foto umzuwandeln in eine Draufsicht für einen korrekten Umriss?

- I took the triangle from the foto of the desk I want to copy
- I make cardboard-trial by hand
- depending on the photograph-angle the triangle of the original-desk is different (perspektive)
my question was: is it possible to transform the triangle of a perspective foto into a topview for the correct shilouett.

2. Update:
Josje is the greatest: look at her wonderful drawing, so now even a hairdresser can understand ;-)
Thank you very much, Josje, I think now I can begin with the wooden version.


  1. Well I'm not an engineer so I can't offer you any 'official' help, but there is a trick which is used in art which you could use here too.
    When you look at an object (or person) you look at form, but the other thing you see is the space around the form. When you look at your desk, you can see the legs form a triangle which on your model is slightly different. If you draw an imaginary line from the front corner of the desk down to the tip of the leg, you will see another triangle and another one at the back leg.
    In your model I think you are pretty close, but the triangles of the legs are different from the original desk. If you get the triangles right, I'd say you are close to getting the perfect copy.
    Like I said, it's an art trick not an engineering one, so measurements could be different from the original, but it will help you to get the look right.
    Interesting question! I look forward to reading what others come up with.

  2. Hey oese! uuuuuu~ this is fun! it's like spot the difference. hehe.

    I think your desk top looks right, the legs prolly just need an intsy winsy little more height. Like maybe 3-5mm or something. Also i think the back leg shouldn't really be aligned with the back of the desk top, i think it needs to go in just a few more millimeters too.

    I don't really have a special technique, I normally just measure heights of real furniture I have at home and scale it. Since more often than not, specially with tables, the heights are standard measurements.

    I hope I got to help. ^_^ Can't wait to know if it works! and maybe see/learn what other peoples techniques too. ^^

  3. Hi Kasha, Sometimes you can estimate when there is a chair like in one of your photos.
    The office chair is about 55cm(550mm) so the desk is about 1500mm long and 700mm wide and take the height from your own desk or office chair then divide by 12 or 24 to get 1/12 or 1/24 etc. Don't confuse the cardboard prototype with one made for display.

  4. Josje hou zoveel van je, ik denk dat is het!
    Hoewel ik ook tekenen en lees veel boeken voor mij alsof het altijd moeilijk met het perspectief. Ik schaam me voor iets dat ik nu opnieuw moet vragen, want mijn Engels is niet zo goed: Wat bedoel je met "front corner of the desk"? Het bureau heeft zoveel hoeken!
    Ik ben maar eens googlen in perspectief, vind ik bepaald iets.
    Dus dat was echt een grote hulp, dank je!

  5. Hi Dragondee, nice you have fun helping me! Thank you so much.
    I think you're right with the leg, in a first shot it was like this, don't know why I changed it. The height of the table is measured like you told me (with real furniture), so I will measure it once again and try to make the legs longer.
    I think Josjes hint is very good, don't you think so? Unfortunately I haven't got it right now because of translation-trouble, but I'll try hard.
    I'll show the progress of course!
    Have a nice day and thanks again for your quick answer.

  6. Hi Studio SWS, so nice you are willing to help me too. You see it was not the problem to find the right measure for the desk or do the maths for the scale, but the triangle between the legs. I'll try to do like Josje told me and show you if I succeed. Thank you very much for your help!

  7. Oese, you speak Dutch! Or was is Google translate, haha! I'm afraid my German is terrible. I tried to explain what I meant in German, but without using my hands it is just too difficult for me.
    Sooo, I've drawn some lines on the photo of the desk to help clarify what I meant. Check your email in a few minutes!

  8. I've some dutch relatives, because my grandmother was dutch. I can understand a lot, it is easier to read than to hear for me. but I used google translator :-)
    So nice you made a drawing, I'm looking forward to your mail. Dank u well!!!

  9. Email is on its way!
    Now, looking at your update: you wil have to look at your model at the same angle as the original photo, because (as you yourself have already pointed out)as the perspective changes, the angles will also visionally change!

  10. Josje, I think this will be helpful not only for me, but for other hobby-miniature-builders too.

  11. Hallo,
    ich versteh das Problem nicht ganz. Meinst Du die perspektivischen Verzerrungen?
    Das kann man alles ganz einfach mit Photoshop.
    Gruß Swantje

  12. Hallo, nimst Du bitte meinen Blog auch in Deine Liste.
    Viele Grüße

  13. alles ganz einfach mit photoshop. das finde ich nicht so informativ.