Samstag, 10. April 2010


CM wanted to see my new house on the beach or at a lake. I'm sorry that there is no journey like this planned in this year. But I tried my best to make nice panorama-pics. The solution is in the tiny tiny picture above.


  1. Your new portable house is gorgeous! And great idea for making a fake background :-) And the set up is beautiful as always! I like the two first pictures even better than those in the previous post, I think it's because of the scale of the furniture and the angle of the photo, I prefer photos taken in eye height.

  2. Hi Pubdoll, I agree that the smaller the furniture the bigger seems the room to be and that makes fotos more lifelike. This conservatory is very difficult to fotograph because of the plexiglas-windows, I removed one of it to be able to grip in. I will have to study more angles and possibilities.
    I love fotos with a view from above too, but it's a challenge everytime I try.
    Thanks for your comment and I hope you have some rest from your work at the weekend.

    Kathi, thank you very much. I hope everything goes well with your moving?

  3. Very cool, Oese! I tried this once and failed miserably, but you've done some nice work here! It looks like a modernist glass house. And I love the idea of a portable house!!

  4. Hi Callsmall, I remember your conservatory in the green gras! Okay ... hm ... it was not your very best scene ;-). But loved it and loved the idea Hoped you'd try once again. Will you? It's warm outside now and everything deserves a second chance!
    Yes, it's nice to carry the house away. So I can fotograph some sunsets!