Dienstag, 13. April 2010

think pink!!!

I received THREE wonderful reac-chairs today and I couldn't resist to show you the first of it, allthough I knew that it is a bit overwhelming, when I post so many new pictures in one day.
I try to keep the others for a while, so everyone can enjoy this blaze of colour!


  1. OOOOOOOOOO. Coolio. I like your new header too! Tres Chic. Your new group on flickr is fun. CM

  2. Hi Flocke, your chair arrived too, many many thanks, it was so hard to get it, most sellers say: not in stock at the moment!
    I just try to fix it, it's not easy, because there is a tinytiny piece missing, but I will make it whole!
    Minihugs from germany and thank you for your agreement!

  3. Very nice and bright. It is amazing how you always find all the right accessories to go with everything.

  4. Thank you Doreen.
    Klick on "living with dollshouses" on the sidebar, there you can see my drawers full of ministuff. The carpet is a t-shirt I borrowed for this scene!

  5. Hi Dale, thank you very much. I love this post too. It is matching to your icon ;-)
    A pity that I need the t-shirt/carpet so I had to destroy it.
    Have a wonderful day!