Donnerstag, 22. April 2010

Vermischtes - miscellaneous

Aufgrund des NY-Times Artikels hat mich ein deutscher Journalist angeschrieben - auf Englisch! Es war für mich ein Signal, doch wieder zweisprachig zu bloggen, schließlich muss ich fast jeden Post mühselig übersetzen. Außerdem wäre es natürlich schön, wenn ein paar mehr deutsche Miniaturisten sich für die moderne Sparte interessieren würden.
Ich zeige heute mal ein paar Fotos aus den letzten Wochen, die bisher unveröffentlicht sind - fühle mich gerade etwas weniger kreativ, was aber okay ist.

Die Küche: Wunsch und Wirklichkeit

The Kitchen: desire and reality

After the NY Times article a german journalist contacted me - in english. This was a signal for me to blog in two languages again, anyhow I have to translate each post with effort. Furthermore I'd really like some more german minifans to join the modern section. Because I feel a bit non-creative at the moment (but I don't mind) I show you a few pictures of the last weeks I didn't published yet.


  1. I take vacations from my Modern to my antiques. I see how moderns are made and it makes me appreciate my antiques more as they had less resources. No blogs, no ebay! xoxo F

  2. Hi CM, do you really think there are no blogs or ebay-auctions for antique dollshouse-items? I've seen many antiques on german ebay, with the blogs I do not know, I think most antique-looking furniture is imitated.
    There are some pieces I'd like to have too, for a combination with my designer-furniture - I love that. Have fun with your dollshouses past and present. You are the only one I met who collects them all.

  3. Excellent that they got in touch with you. They contacted me abotu European modern miniaturists and I passed on your details as you're both in the same country.

    Looking forward to seeing what comes of it :-)