Sonntag, 30. Mai 2010


Here is a foto of Nicola and me at the fair. See some more fotos on Nicolas blog.

And after  a klick you can see the items I bought on the fair. I had a lot of old Bodo-Hennig furniture and some of the huge house from 1930 with me and swapped it all!

this wardrobe is my favourite! but tell my why is the drawer above and not at the bottom?


  1. Nice to see a picture of you and Nicola. I love the little rocking horse, you've bought.

  2. Sounds like you had fun. :)

    I love the dress form and the elephant table.

    So, at your miniature shows they mix all of the scales? Here in the US, it seems to be mostly 1/12th scale and then the smaller one 1/144, and I think half scale.

  3. I love all the wooden furniture - and the elephant is beautiful! It will have a happy home with your other elephants :-)
    I can't imagine why the drawer is at the top, unless it's for the parents to keep secret things in, that the children can't reach. You would need a ladder to reach it!

  4. hi bea!
    so I finally decide to show how "big" I am even after loosing 20 pounds, not so easy.
    I love your picture on your blog and I think I know the most faces of my favourite bloggers and it is more than okay to show.
    hi dale,
    it was a 1:12 fair and there was some 1:24 and 1:144 things too. We was looking for lundby and found a few things, but not what we wanted. We saw a nice lundby-house and the seller told us he has the furniture at home and will send pictures via email.
    rebecca, I guess these wardrobe isn't meant as a wardrobe but as a highboard or something else in 1:12. I have a white Crailsheimer highboard in this size too. Perhaps highboard is not the correct name...?

  5. Ah, you might be right. Perhaps 'highboy', though I think that means a high chest of drawers, whereas a 'lowboy' is a low chest of drawers, but I have never been sure!