Freitag, 13. August 2010

Oes .... atchu?

Das reizende Paar macht eine kleine Kletterpartie. Sie haben einen roten Felsen bestiegen, der merkwürdig glatt und glänzend ist. Sie schauen sich etwas verwundert um.
The charming couple is making a climbing tour. They are on a red cliff, it is strange and soft and glossy. They look a bit disturbed.

Sie sind fotografiert auf einer weiteren Tonarbeit, die ich in der Reha gemacht habe. Einmal habe ich nicht für meine Minisammlung gewerkelt, sondern ganz spontan mit dem Ton gemacht, was kam. Das Thema "Maske" bietet ja viel Spielraum innerhalb einer Therapie.

They are fotographed on another work with potters clay I made in my rehab. I wanted to work with it without a plan, spontaneously and the result was a mask. the theme "mask" is good for a therapy I think. Sie gefällt mir zwar nicht, aber ich war - mal wieder - sehr beeindruckt davon, dass ich überhaupt so eine Nase zustande bekommen habe, tieferliegende Augen und höherliegende Wangen. Das Loch im neben dem Nasenflügel habe ich so oft ausbessern müssen, dass ich es zuletzt offen gelassen habe.
Ich weiß auch nicht so recht, was ich mit dieser Scheußlichkeit machen soll, aber zum Wegwerfen fand ich sie dann doch zu schade.

I don't like the mask, but I was once again very impressed that I was able to do it: the eyes deeper than the cheeks, and those nose, so lifelike! The hole beside the nose was broken so often, that I decided to make a mask with a hole.
I think it's an atrociousness, but I want to keep it, because to throw it away would be a pity.


  1. I've been catching up on your blog. I find it very interesting to see you working with stone and clay. Seems like you are really enjoying it. It's also good to "see" you. Hoping you are doing well. :)

  2. Hi dale, thank you for taking the time to read all my stuff! Yes, I'm fine, I try to keep all the goods things of this summer in my allday-life.
    have a nice weekend!

  3. Todo lo aprovechas, gracias por enseñarlo de forma tan original. Besos Clara

  4. Ha ha! What happens when he sneezes?
    You are very creative and branching into other mediums is a good idea. F

  5. Hallo
    Mein Computer ist von der Repratur zurueck. Es ist weider OK .
    Ich habe auch schon Masken gebastelt- der abschluss ist nich immer nach meinem Geschmag!!
    Du Koentest mit deiner irgendetwas beflanzed. Das wird immer schoen!

  6. Hello Oese, when I first saw the title of this post, I thought of "aa-choo" sneezing, as I have had a cold this week! But then I realised it is a play on Slinkachu - and I love how you have done it, with this couple climbing on the very interestingly shaped and coloured rocks (there are similar rocks along the foreshore here in Darwin!) - Mrs Couple firmly holding her handbag all the time - and then we see it from further back, and realise it is a face!
    I would certainly keep this mask, if I had made it - it is very lifelike and full of character too - and it makes a wonderful sculpture when viewed from the side, as these little people have done! You are very talented, it's great that you were able to use clay and stone at rehab, and discover how skilled you are with them. Can you continue with soapstone carving now you're home? I think it's probably quite messy, but you get amazing things out of the stone.

  7. I thought it was a sneeze! lol

    Good for you Oese, we need to keep those batteries charged. :)

  8. Oh! Hello you all and sorry, I missed to answer this comments. Thank you so much for your agreement and affirmation.
    Rebecca, I could continue carving soapstone at home - but I didn't started yet. There is so much to do. I started with some activities, for example aqua-fitness. In this case it is good to live in a big town. Today I will visit a group of people who do turnery. They have meetings in a recreation-center for retired people, it is on my way home. I hope to find some help for my wooden furniture I plan to make.
    I'll show it, if I make any progress in my handcrafts.
    Best wishes to you all!