Mittwoch, 4. August 2010

Specksteinofen - stove from soapstone

Here are some more pictures with the things I carried home in my suitcase:
I found some tiny things on a little flea-market in Bad Wildungen, for example the leather jacket. The painting is made by me, but I didn't took it home, only the photograph. elephantomania.....
Fast vier Wochen lang habe ich aus einem großem Speckstein diesen Ofen heraus gearbeitet: Sägen, raspeln, feilen, kratzen, schleifen, polieren - das macht mir solchen Spaß, entspannt, beruhigt und sorgt für Erfolgs- erlebnisse.
Auf der Fensterbank ist ein kleiner Stuhl und die weiße Vase aus Speckstein, die dunkle Vase ist aus Ton und glasiert.
Die Bodenvase und die Schale auf dem Tisch sind ebenfalls aus Ton, der Elefant auf dem Ofen in einem Specksteinrest "gesehen".
Ich habe noch viel mehr gemacht, aber dieser Ofen ist besonders wertvoll, weil es so schwer war, den Stein rechtwinklig zu sägen, er war erst so schief und wurde immer kleiner - in diesem Fall kein Problem.

I needed nearly four weeks to bring this stove out of a big soapstone. It was a great adventure and I loved everything, the sawing, rasping, sanding, scraping, polishing. It is so relaxing for me. On the windowsill, in the corner of the room and on the table are some more pieces I made, like the little elephant on the stove, I saw him in a piece of white stone. Some things are pottery, this was fun too, but I prefere the soapstone.
I like everything, but this stove is a special thing for me, because it took so many time and it was very difficult to succeed in making it in the right angle. It was askant first and after so many hours of sanding it was smaller and smaller - no problem in this case.

Dann kam ein Paar aus Amerika bei mir an. Sie warteten schon lange auf meine Rückkehr. Etwas enttäuscht waren Sie von dem Haus, das ich für sie getöpfert hatte, denn es ist doch ein wenig klein. Allerdings der Elefant im Garten gefiel ihnen beiden dann doch sehr gut.
Dieses reizende Paar hat Carol mir geschickt, ich drücke und küsse dich, meine liebe Flocke!!!! Der Elefant ist aus dem selben Speckstein wie der Ofen und mein ganzer Stolz. Ich wusste wirklich nicht, dass ich das kann, bevor ich es versuchte.

Then a couple from USA arrived. They waited for a long time for my return. Then they was a bit dissapointed about the house I made for them, because it is too small. But they really like the elephant in the garden.
This amazing couple is a gift from Carol. Hugs and kisses for you my dear flake!!! The elephant is made by me from the same stone as the stove. I'm very proud, I didn't know that I am able to make animals before I tried. Auch wenn es kein sehr schmeichelhaftes Foto ist, hier seht ihr mich im Kreativraum, wo ich so manche Stunde verbracht habe.
Allthough it is not a very nice photo - here you can see me working in the room for handcrafting, where I spent some happy hours.


  1. Wow, I didn't know going to rehab also improved ones minimaking skills! :-)
    Impressive work on the stove, it looks very real with all the detailing you put in and perfectly sleek sides and perfect corners. But I was even more impressed by the elephant, because it showed that you're a real artist! If you hadn't said you had made it I never would have thought so. It's pretty darn good Oese! And perfect with the lovely little people beside it. What a great tiny gift to get!

  2. Wow! What a lot of work! It looks great. The elephant is incredible. Congrats! So glad to have you back!!

  3. Thank you so much, Pubdoll. I AM allready proud because of the elephant, no need to make me megalomaniac ;-)
    Yes, rehab CAN turn out some good skills, I watched some persons turning into artists, they never before had the courage to try out to paint or to model with potters clay. A touching expierience.

    Megan, so nice to hear you missed me. Unfortunately I have no new furniture, but a lot of accesoires, so I hope I can show them in scenes that are interesting even with the furniture I have in my collection. But I guess there will be some new lundby furnitures in the end of the month at my birthday......
    Best wishes to you and - believe me - I watched your incredible blog, but was too overwhelmed to write comments. Some responds coming soon.

  4. Ich bin beeindruckt, und ja, ich kenne mich aus mit Speckstein, deshalb um so mehr.
    Ein Elefant im Vorgarten - wirklich witzig.
    Alles schön!

  5. Hallo Nina, dankeschön für dein fachkundiges Lob. Besser ich zeige nur meine Stein- und Tonarbeiten, denn das, worauf du "erpicht" bist, meine Näharbeiten, sind wirklich nicht vergleichbar. g*
    Liebe Grüße aus Dortmund, bis bald

  6. Your work in soapstone is amazing!! The stove is perfect, and the elephant is a work of art!! You can be justified in being very proud of them.
    I love the painting, too!

  7. That's a beautiful elephant and stove. You are good at stone work.
    Love your blog!

  8. I would never have thought of using soapstone to make minis - not that I'd be any good at it anyway... but your pieces are wonderful!

  9. Hello Glenda, MiniPig and Norma,
    thank you for your nice words, I think soapstone is just "my" material, more than wood or clay. We will see, how often I'll work with it in future. It is a very dirty working.
    Best wishes to you all.

  10. Hi Oese, I echo everyone else and say again that that's some amazing work! Yes , like Helene, I love the elephant too. I was looking for a pair of life sized Americans and a home that's too small when I finally realised who you were talking about :). hehe

    I must go and google "soapstone" and if I may ask, is rehab in Germany like a retreat or resort experience?

  11. Hi Sans, have you got the meaning of soapstone? It is a very soft stone, you can work on it with the tools for manicure or pedicure, if you have no other tools.
    That's too sweet how you was bantered by my written words and fotos.
    I'll try to tell you something about our retreat-rehab via email.