Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2010

Die Hütte vom Alp-Öhi

Nur ein paar Skizzen und Gedanken...


  1. You have such an artistic soul, Oese!
    Very nice little drawing!

  2. Hmm... das ist ja spannend! Planst du etwa eine mini version der Hütte zu bauen? Falls du etwas original Schweizerisches brauchst, sag es mir :-)

  3. You have captured the feeling of the cabin in the trees and shared it with us. Thank you, C

  4. Ooooh, I really like this new look! Winter already? Did you draw them? It's great!

  5. Hi everybody and thank you for loving my drawing. Yes, it's mine.
    In my rehab they told me I should go to a therapist, but I don't wanted to do this, I thought there was enough therapy in my former years. But now I found a person I can trust and so I decided to make some sessions. My first duty is to make an inner very safe room, where I can allways go, when I need such a shelter. Perhaps when my boss comes in in the morning and doesn't say good morning to me, or when I feel lonely when noone calls me back after trying to find someone for a date.
    It was easy to find this room, cause when I was small my mother read the book "Heidi" to me and the hut of Heidis grandfather is the safest and cosiest room ever for me. It is very simple inside, but everything you need is there. The "Geißenpeter" and his family lives near and there are allways good friends and help near.
    So to build this inner space it was nice to make this drawing. First I thought to make such a hut with a nativity or creche or crib, what is the correct expression? It would be great to get some help from a swiss lady like Annina. Thank you for offering me help. But I'm not sure if I want to make this shelter in miniature. We will see. If yes, you will see the results of course.

    It's not easy for me to decide, what can I tell in my blog and what not about my feelings and all this - sometimes - sad things. But I think it's also important to share this for all those people who are lonely or sad or have pschologic problems too to show them, they are not alone and even Oese, who is talented and funny and all this, has some problems.
    Thank you all and have a good week.

  6. Hallo Oese,
    du hast mir einen netten Kommentar geschrieben und dadrin steckte auch eine Frage an mich.
    Also - ich säge mit der Laubsäge auf meinem Balkon und darin bin ich wirklich gut und ich finde es auch nicht sehr schwer. Das beachhouse besteht ja aus einem Kit und daran habe ich angebaut und alles mit der Laubsäge gemacht.
    Mein neuestes Projekt ist aus einigen Sperrholzplatten, die der Schreiner zugeschnitten hat und die so preiswert sind, dass es sich gar nicht lohnt, dafür selber zu sägen. Aber die Schrägen wiederrum, die ich hier brauche, die säge ich wieder mit meiner Laubsäge.Ich würde mir auch gerne eine Decoupiersäge anschaffen, aber wo soll ich die hinstellen? - in die Küche vielleicht? Tja, man müsste eine kleine, klitzekleine Werkstatt haben. Ansonsten bin ich handwerklich gut drauf und von Haus aus Ergotherapeutin. Du kennst ja diese Leute - Basteltanten halt.
    Aber ich finde auch, dass an mir eine Schreinerin verloren gegangen sein könnte.
    Im Winter ist es übrigens kalt auf dem Balkon, da gehe ich in den Winterschlaf.
    Deine Hütte oben wäre übrigens sehr leicht zu machen - in Mini natürlich.
    Alles klar?! - dann bis bald mal wieder.

  7. My dear Oese, I just want to tell you I really appreciate your heartfelt words and how you are sharing with us. I know exactly what you mean when you say you are unsure how much it is you want to share on a place as public as a blog. I feel the same way and like you I share more in the comment box as I always feel only friends will come to this place :). I think you are with friends here :):).

  8. This little drawing is much more peaceful than the angry one on your header. I love the way you express yourself through your art. Also the way you see the world through such beautiful eyes in your miniature designs.
    Would love you see you create your personal sanctuary in miniature. Perhaps one day you, like me, will have a real one of your own.
    Hugs, Kathi

  9. Hi Kathi, I had no idea my header-picture is angry. But now when you said this, I can see. I think the original foto is coloured and much nicer, but for some reason I wanted a black-and-white-version, which makes the drawing very dark.
    Okay, I'll change it soon I guess, have no idea for a new header yet.
    I don't see any chance for an own house, but I don't dream of it. I dream of a community of people where I can live within old and young people like in former years the families. So I would be the unmarried aunt you know?
    That's my dream, but why shouldn't it come true? I'll dream on.
    Thanks for your comment.