Sonntag, 28. November 2010


Nach meiner Schilddrüsen-Operation ist meine Stimme nie wieder die geworden, die sie einmal war. Längeres Sprechen strengt mich an und macht mich heiser. Alle Therapieversuche waren bislang erfolglos. Zur Verarbeitung der Gefühle (dass ich mich damit vielleicht abfinden muss, dass es so ist) habe ich einige Bilder gemalt. Und weil's so einen Spaß macht, auch noch bearbeitet mit drei verschiedenen Programmen (weil jedes etwas anderes gut kann). Bei FlickR gibt's noch mehr von meiner Verarbeitungs-Kunst.


  1. So sad to hear about your voice problems Oese, but at least you turned them into something positiv with your art, I love the last one, great colours and composition! I hope they soon will find a way to fix your problems, or that you can get therapy that really helps!

  2. You are talented in so many ways that sometime, when life get you down , you have these means to vent effectively.

  3. Hi Pubdoll, thanks for your nice and kind words. Yes, it's sad with my voice, but it's a chance to work on it too. Is the glass half full or half empty, you know? I hope you realized, that the third picture was only a section of the second one and then edited. I have some programs that make kind oft art pictures of the fotographs. So not too much praise :-)
    The first picture is made with this fotoshop-tool too.

    Sans, you're totally right, I see it as gift or sometimes more like a balance, because there are many things missing in my life. With this gift I can be happy though! You've seen it very good. Thank you for seeing me.

    katimus, wurde bereits besprochen, alles klar?