Freitag, 17. Dezember 2010

It's a bit boring...

 all this brown in each foto, when I show the progress in my hut (today the smut on the stove), so I put some pink pieces and .... voila
 A bracelet I found in my boxes called (however I can use it one day) made this nice bow.
 Beside my hut-work I do more drawing in this winter, these are some sketches, I try to improve my skills in drawing faces. I read some books and it is just only a technique.
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  1. I know what you mean about so mmuch brown! That is why the textiles become such a focal point in the rustic cabin style houses! Your hot pink chairs do wonders to cheer it up! Your stove is looking very good!

  2. PINK! The new brown? hehe :).

    Another spectacular set up. I think I finally know what 1:16 scale is . Went shopping and saw some designer chairs in mini. 1:16 is smmmmalllllll!

  3. I like following the progress on your hut, with just brown or pink like here. And the stove looks really great! I love your bracelet bowl too, you are so good at spotting these things!

  4. this is turnin g into a very stylish place!

  5. Hi Daydreamer, I never thought that brown was the reason for the coloured bedspreads in such cabins, but it is very logical :-) Thank you for this idea and your comment.

    Hello Sans, I remember the first time I got a lundby-set, a kitchen. Soooo small. It's hard to imagine the right size even on fotos with something to compare. For me it's the only way to continue playing and collecting, because the other things take too much room.

    Thank you Pubdoll, nice you like my bracelet-bowl and I like that you are not bored by the brown and everyday-hut-feeling. It's a new expierence for me.

    CM-Sweety, have fun watching the details! Your Santa is great by the way....

    Neomi, ich habe paarmal versucht die anzuskypen. Bist du denn in der Schule gewesen? Ich hoffe, es geht dir besser. Schon wieder eine Woche rum.
    Alles Liebe.

  6. Oh, the other things take too much space is the correct expression.
    In German the word for Room and Space is the same,so that the title of my blog can have different meanings, it's a play with words - I wonder if someone realized it? Perhaps Helene?