Samstag, 26. März 2011

Mal wieder ...

... was bei ebay ersteigert - nach langer Pause.
Solche Sessel suche ich schon seit ich angefangen hab zu sammeln, aber ich wurde immer überboten. Diese hier habe ich günstig bekommen, das lange Warten hat sich gelohnt. Sie passen zwar nicht 100 %ig zu den Lundby-Sachen, sind aber auch nicht zu riesig. Ich hoffe, meine Gartenhausszene erfreut euch auch!

I won this three chairs on ebay, after I tried it very often to get this style of chairs, but I was allways overbid. so this time I was lucky to get them cheap and I totally love them, even if they are not perfect in the size to my lundby-furniture. They aren't huge at all. I hope you like my scene in the garden-house.

 Update: Hier das Kalenderbild, das ich aus dem Büro mitgebracht habe, weil es uns beim Arbeiten schlechte Stimmung machte. Als Hintergrund für das Glashaus ist es gut geeignet, finde ich.
This is the calendar-foto, I brought home from the office, because we thought it was a bit depressing in our rooms at work. But to be background for my glasshouse it's okay I think.
Noch ein paar mehr Fotos bei FlickR


  1. If you are talking about the red chairs, I tried to win them too but lost. They were beautiful.

    Next time I see them, I'll make sure you don't want them before I bid.

  2. Hi Beth Lemon, no there was no red chairs I bidded on. I only wanted this on the last foto in the glasshouse.
    It is so kind of you to wait until I'm satisfied. But I think I'll go back to my ebay-pause, because I have really enough stuff and wanted to sell some more items.....

  3. They look so relaxing, I want to come over for tea and cake!

  4. Both the chairs and the scene look great and also very relaxing.
    And it's another one of your trick photographs, right? The trees in the background I gues are a photo or postcard? (I thought they were real first, but then I thought they were very green this early in the year, so far we have no leaves on our trees at all)

  5. Hey Norma, I plan to make waffles, are they okay? You're welcome.
    Pubdoll, you are totally right. I forgot to show you the poster. I took it from the office, because my workmates and I thought it was too depressive for our rooms there. I'll show it.
    Have a nice sunday friends!

  6. man Koente denken du hast das Haus drausen vor der Hecke stehen.

  7. Congratulations on winning the chairs! :) You are right, that scene is perfect as a background, it looks so real. Very nice!

    - Grace

  8. Beautiful photo as your background. I love the chairs too!

  9. Neomi, ja, die Zeiten kommen auch bald wieder, dass ich das Häuschen draußen fotografieren werde. Vielleicht streiche ich es vorher noch weiß.
    TreeFeathers, I'm so proud to have you as my follower, thanks for your comment, I'm pleased.
    Kathi, thank you too. I must say I love your blog. You are so busy and creative and I love the way you let us all be part of the process either successfull or not. This is so very sympatic. Can I say so?
    Have a nice weekend and blessings!

  10. I would love to be lounging in one of those chairs and enjoying the garden view. I'm one of your silent fan/followers of your blog. Although we may not comment, we love your blog along with the other terrific modern miniature bloggers who I won't name for fear of omitting one by accident.

  11. The chairs are beautiful, I'm happy you finally got them, especially at a good price. I love how you used then in the garden house. Very relaxing.

  12. The fabric on these chairs is perfect for your scenes - well worth the wait to win these! I love this setting in the glasshouse with the trees behind - it's very effective, and makes it feel like being in an elevated room.
    Does the calendar say where the photo was taken? That is clearly a eucalypt in the foreground, so I'm curious. Is it in Australia?