Donnerstag, 7. April 2011

Original swissmade

The very nice Annina sent me some original swissmade furniture for my alpine hut. Because it is in the cellar at the moment, I can only show the sweet little pieces in the lundby extention floor. Because it is not exactly the style Annina and me are prefering, I show it fotoshopped.
Gaaanz vielen lieben Dank Annina! Wenn du mal bei mir etwas siehst, was dich interessiert, zögere nicht, mich zu fragen, dann macht es den Weg in die Schweiz.
 btw - these are the fotos of the extention floor. to be honest: it is not very nice for a display in a living room or shelve. I allways plan to make a good roof and to paint or cover the ugly paper walls outside with the printed flowers. Perhaps with the wooden sticks you get for your coffee?
So many many plans.....


  1. Ich bin froh, dass die Teile gut angekommen sind und freue mich schon, sie einmal in Heidis Hütte zu sehen!

  2. Hi Annina, ja - es war nichts kaputt. Und in der Weihnachtszeit macht sich das Rustikale bestimmt gut in meiner Wohnung. Dann kommt die Hütte wieder ans Licht :-)
    Hi C, nice you like it. It's great to have these furniture in the smaller scale. There is a packet on the postoffice for me, they will deliver it once again today, I guess I know what it is.....

  3. It's been a while since I was here but I eventually will be here :):).

    I have caught up with your back posts and have enjoyed the many scenes you have done.

    I hope you are feeling better, Petra :)

  4. Hallo Oese! So smart of you to Photoshop the room with the Swiss furniture. It looks very rustic and realistic. I love your idea of adding a roof to the Lundby extension. I want to see how you do it so I can copy you! ;^) Julie

  5. Annina´s sind schon nette Menschen :) Wobei ich sicher lange warten könnte bis meine (Tochter) Annina mir Puppenhausmöbel schicken würde...

    Meine Töchter hatten übrigens einen Teil dieser ländlich bayrischen Puppenmöbel in ihrem Puppenhaus, als sie klein waren - So schließt sich irgendwie der Kreis!

    LG, Nicola

  6. Hi Sans, feeling better? Do you speak of the little cold I had a few days ago? It's nearly forgotten. I feel really well since I changed from fulltime to parttime. I feel a bit lonely at work, I'm not belonging to the team at all, but it's okay. I have a lot of things to do in the afternoon, nice people and all I do is good for someone: me or the other person(s) I care for.
    Hope you are okay too, I feel sorry for not asking you more how you're doing after your surgery. Everything is okay meanwhile? I wish you a great weekend.
    Vintage Lundby, I will make fotos of course, when (if) I have done.... Nice you like my photoshop-work.
    Nicola, bei aller gemeinsamer Liebe zu den Anninas - das sind doch keine bayerischen Möbel, sondern schweizerische. Echt swissmade. Hat Annina jedenfalls gesagt... ;-)
    Dir auch ein schönes Wochenende.