Dienstag, 3. Mai 2011



Ich glaube, ich habe noch nie ein Cafe oder Ähnliches gemacht, kann das sein? Nun, heute gibt es ein Freiluftcafe mit einem schönen blühenden Busch vor der Tür - ein Geschenk einer Freundin, die am Sonntag zu Besuch kam.


  1. So many shots look like a 1:1 scene!!!!
    Wonderful, I happen to notice some middle eastern contribution....
    I'm tired, this is why I write English!

  2. Thank you so much, Pepper! It could be more detailed like your scenes, but for this sunny day it was okay to put a quick scene together. So nice you love it.
    Neomi, meinst du die Untersetzer, die so vielseitig einsetzbar sind und hier den Farbtupfer geben? Ja, ich mag es sehr, den Fotos eine 1:1-Anmutung zu geben, ist halt mein Faible.
    Liebe Grüße nach Israel!

  3. Very nice cafe, I would have loved to go there, the shoeshelf roof gives such a calming effect.
    And Neomig is right, your shots really look quite lifelike, I especially love the third one!

  4. thank you Pubdoll - I'm glad you like my cafe. And I'm glad I bought this chairs two times: once with the matching table and once with a matching dresser. Eight chairs are a must for a cafe-scene. And you're right, the roof of the shoerack is perfect for this scene! I hope to can take it to the beach next week! I'm looking forward....

  5. I always enjoy your photos so much and your ingenuity.

    Your blog picture across the top, what is that next too the soccer ball?

  6. Thank you so much Dale! The thing next to the soccer ball is a cheap toy for a few cents, it is a plexiglass-surfboat, but I never succeded in let it swim in water, so I use it in this way.

  7. You're welcome! :) Ah, I get it now. It looked like a baby's pacifier to me and I knew that couldn't be it. The soccer ball looks perfect plunged there. :)