Montag, 31. Oktober 2011

The Fantasyman

Heute kommt eine weitere Wahrheit über Fran ans Licht: Sie ist ein Wesen mit Sexualität.
Ähnlich wie in Mickey-Mouse-Heften sind unsere Miniaturwelten oft gänzlich asexuell, aber in dieser Halloween-Nacht muss es herausgebracht werden: Auch Puppen haben Bedürfnisse und Sehnsüchte und träumen von der sexuellen Erfüllung.
Für Fran gibt es heute Nacht eine Begegnung der ganz besonderen Art: Sie findet zu Ihrem Fantasy-Man: Er ist aus Holz und so geschnitzt, wie sie ihn haben möchte. Er kann alle Formen annehmen, die sie sich vorstellt. Er könnte auch: Vorstellungs-Mann heißen. Er lässt sich biegen und aufbauen, wie es beliebt. Bei Frans reichhaltiger Fantasie bleiben keine Wünsche offen. Was sie alles begehrt und bekommt, sehr ihr hier:

Today another truth about Fran is coming to light: She is a creature with sexuality.

Similar as in MickeyMouse comics our miniature world ist often completely assexual. But in this Halloween night it must be brought out: Even dolls have needs an desires and dream of sexual fulfillment. For Fran tonight there is a very special encounter: She meets her fantasyman, which is carved from wood and just like she wants. He can adopt all forms she wanted. He could also be called imaginationman, can be bent and build as it pleases. For Frans rich imaginations there are no desires left. You can have a look at her desires and what she gets right here:
Mehr von Fran auf FlickR
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  1. Hi Petra, Thanks so much for going along with this. Your scenes are fabulous, and the narrative is so good. Yes, we do all have desires and there is a lot to be said for a man made of wood.
    Your friend, Doris

  2. Ooh la la! :D I like that his toes are curled!

  3. Who could ask for more? No splinters, please. CM

  4. Thank you all for your comments - you are all great! No splinters - hahaha.
    Dory, it was fun!
    I hope to go to the graveyard today, the weather is great for some autumn-fotos.

  5. Ha-Ha, too funny
    Nice to see Fran getting some =0D

  6. Ich mag die Bettszene!
    Hoffentlich benimmt sich Mr. Woody nicht zu hölzern ;-)

  7. HI Petra this is Doris's husband and I just want to tell you this scene is really cool. Good job.

  8. Hi Pepper, nice you like Frans pleasure ;-)
    Lilli, ich glaube, es waren keine Splitter im Spiel und auch sonst habe ich keine Klagen gehört.

    A very special Welcome to the first husband of a follower ever, who commented on my blog! Tatah!
    Thank you so much Doris' husband and I will try to show you some other scenes like this. Ok?
    Have a nice day you all.

  9. A brave post, P!

    How many times we think it in our head when we are making the bedroom but the result is always that they remain in our heads.

    I hope it was good for Fran ;)

  10. Hi Sans,
    do you think it was brave to post these? I hope so it isn't in the year 2011!
    I`m glad you stopped by and I will write you an email for all the things too private for a public blog *ggg*

  11. Um...Okay. Ha ha! This is very artistic and thought provoking. Your boldness inspires me, Oese. Great lighting. And nothing wrong with having a boyfriend named Woody...Go Fran!

  12. Hi MC, thank you for your comment and compliments! I like you like Fran's fun. Hope to see some sexy scenes in other blogs soon. Perhaps in yours?
    and Greetings from Germany