Samstag, 8. Oktober 2011

Sag ja! - say yes!

The summer is gone and I was kind of depressed this morning. I collected all black things I could find and wanted to make a depressive autaum-scene, dark and cloudy and lonesome - as I felt.
But the good thing in agreement is: it helps! So to say "yes" to the depression helps to let it go.
Look at this black scene. It isn't depressive at all or what do you think?
A nice skype-conversation with neomi, the sun laughing through my window - listening to sad, sad songs - that helps! I'm going to have a nice afternoon - celebrating the birthday of my cousins wife.
Have a nice day you folks too!

a lot of more fotos of this scene on flickr

The fotographs on the wall are fotographs of really wonderful women: Doris Lessing, Astrid Lindgren and Erika Pluhar. It is a nice coincident, that they all have their hands in their face and that a fotographer in my town took some pictures of me last week, in a similar pose. Hope you like my "old" face - I do.


  1. Ich finde Dich schön! Tolles Foto!

    Der Raum wirkt auf mich ruhig und gelassen

  2. Oh, Petra this is so very gorgeous. I want to be in this room tonight! And you are right up there with those women. Beautiful and smart.
    Love, Doris

  3. Petra
    Sehr geil- alles solte so schön aussehn wehn mann die Blues hat, da wird alles ganz schnell vergehen.....
    die cafe und schockolade Schachteln sind einfach super!

  4. Vielen Dank Ihr drei!Ihr Lieben! Es geht heute auf und ab mit meiner Stimmung - was für ein plötzlicher Kälteeinbruch hier, damit komme ich nicht klar nach diesem schönen Sommer.
    Wenn ich mich erstmal dran gewöhnt habe und mein Strickzeug wieder rausgeholt habe und Plätzchen backe und so'n Winterzeugs tue, wird es schon gehen.
    Schönen Sonntag Euch allen!

  5. I don't think it looks depressing, just serene and quiet. I like it!

  6. Love the scene love your picture. Especially your picture. It is a work of art! You should have put it up there on the wall with the ther 3.

  7. Thank you all for your comments and compliments. I will tell the fotographer you think it's a work of art. He will be glad. He's an artist, but not very succesfull :-)
    Hope you all will have a nice weekend.