Montag, 2. April 2012

life's weird and scary

sometimes. I can't tell it in a public blog, but the rollercoaster of life is very weird and scary at the moment.  I gave two of my houses to two little boys, sons of goods friends. they are so happy with their new toys ...


  1. Oh Petra,
    I know how life can be. Things will get better. You are strong and wonderful. Take care.
    Your friend,

  2. Well, you have the best banners on your blog! Sharing your dollhouses will bring you the best karma! xo C

  3. Keep positive! My boys have been asking for a house, but I just can't sacrifice a house to their army guys.

  4. Hi and sorry I missed to say thank you for your nice comments!
    Carol, it is very sweet of you to say I have a good karma now. I think it was good karma even before I gave my houses to them ... :-)
    Mad for mod, I think it is a difference to give the houses to the own kids or to others. I don't see very often how they handle with my houses. And in addition: I'm good in letting go (that's the reason for my good karma, but don't take me too serious).