Montag, 9. April 2012


Update: The challenge
Thank you, Anna.

I forgot who blogged about the challenge of making a scene with a scrapbook paper what is not usual for our miniature-scenes. there are a lot of cool modern blogs that are new and I'm not quite familiar with all the names and persons behind.
Since a week or so I had this box on my windowsill and try fotos with this backgrounds, but I wasn't content. Today I put a washcloth (there are a few other names on my online-dictionary, I hope you got what I mean) for the carpet and a postcard I found the last days - and because the light was weird I got these shot: a bit psychedelic, mmh?
Hope you like it.
I'm very glad to have two more days off untill thursday, when I return to work.


  1. Da ich heute auch etwas suche- was ich leider nicht gespeichert hatte...las ich gerade deinen Eintrag, wobei ich glaube ,dass du das wahrscheinlich hier gesehen hast:
    Herzliche Gruesse, Anne

  2. Very nice! Glad you joined in the challenge.

  3. Das neue thema siet mann nicht nur auf Flickr!