Montag, 30. Juli 2012

sometimes it's good

to work in different scales. this is the desk-lamp with my smallest furniture:
the light is very bright and this maybe a good reason for the price.

have a look at what pepper found:

huge retro lamp


  1. You found a plausible reason for the expensive price. * green
    ... I still believe it's great in the tiny room.

  2. I think oversize items can look really good in a room. This is a perfect example

    The lamp makes a bold statement next to the wonderful red of the chairs =0)

  3. Eliana, thank you very much!
    Pepper, the link is so great! I had to laugh! Thought it was my idea, but - as usual - somebody made the same before. But it is very cool to see such a desk lamp in huge. Thank you so much and I'm glad you like my red chair and sofa.
    have a good week you all!

  4. I love the lamp in both scales. When I looked at the pictures, I didn't click translate at first so I thought it was 2 different lamps---one for the table the other for the floor. Hehe.

  5. OMG, Petra, I just bought the black version :). Thought it would be great for a 1:6 but why not in your scale as well. :)

    Over here it cost me about Euros 20? How expensive is it in Germany?

  6. hi you all, thank you for your comments - I am so involved in other things, that I am always late with my replies of the comments.
    the lamp is 15 euro in germany sans, so funny that i sent one to a flickr-pal today, because she couldn't find it in her town. she has a red one! please show me your fotos with this lamp, I'm curious...
    hugs to you all!