Samstag, 15. April 2017

Ausstellung Exhibition

 Heute habe ich eine schöne Ausstellung DASA in meiner Stadt besucht. Die Fotos sind ein Anlass, mal wieder etwas hier zu posten, nach so langer Zeit! Immerhin war ein "Puppenhaus" aus Acryl dabei.
Es ist einerseits schade, dass die Blogs teilweise so eingeschlafen sind, aber andererseits - die Zeiten ändern sich eben und jede Zeit ist eine gute Zeit im Jetzt.
Ich wünche allen restlichen Lesern hier ein schönes Osterfest und alles Liebe!

 I visited an exhibition in my town today so I have a reason for some fotographs here - after such a long time. At least there is an acrylic dollhouse included. It is a pity, that so many blogs are in a sleeping state, but on the other hand - times are changing and every time is a good time. now.
Hope you all have a nice easter-feast and I wish you all only the best and much love!


  1. The blogs are sleeping but hopefully not gone forever :0) It is lovely to see a post from you. I hope you are well :0)X

  2. Hi Petra! Some of us are still blogging! It's great to see a post from you! I love your creativity with spaces! The acrylic house looks in need of "details"! LOL!

  3. Hi there!
    I am determined to get back to blogging on a regular basis again!

  4. Hallo Petra,
    Das plexiglasshaus ist schoen- die photos sind toll.

  5. So nice to hear from you all - after a while indeed.
    I am very well! Lost 50 pounds in the last year and feel so free and healthy. Love is all around and I work a lot.
    Some fotographs will follow this summer, why not. Room by room.
    A big hug to you all!