Sonntag, 14. Juni 2009



  1. The veranda is lovely. I would love to sit there with a good book. (I also like the little picture that shows how you did it.)

  2. Hello Doreen,
    it's nice you like my veranda. I allways loved them, especially in old movies like "gone with the wind". I loved verandas around the whole house - it's so familiar to me, don't know why.
    I have a very nice balcony, it's so cosy there. but I miss the stairs...
    Hey, the little pics are important to me, because I want to show you that I'm a liar. And I like it when you say, that I'm a good one!
    Regards to Canada! I like this Country, because I don't like great heat.

  3. Ich mag auch deine schöne Veranda - und den Elch:-), und daß du uns gezeigt hast wie du es gemacht hast. Du bist wirklich eine gute Lügnerin;-)
    Ich habe die Bildern auch in Flickr gesehen und habe mir über das gewundert.

  4. I love verandas also that is why I chose the dollhouse that I did. Because it has a veranda all around. The heat has not arrived here yet. It is still very cool and we have to wear sweaters. The flowers are slow in opening as it has not been warm enough. But it can get very hot in July.(Even though your holiday is over, I see you still manage to get a lot of work done on your minis.)

  5. yes doreen, it's a bit a miniature-mania. but I think it will end one day and I am used to go with the flow.
    and don't forget: I have no husband, no big house or garden, no grandchildren, make not enough sport (sigh) and there is pretty much free time for my current hobby.
    how hot is "very hot" in your area?