Freitag, 12. Juni 2009


was an inspiration for me. I love the stairs, I love the whole (selfmade) house, but I love most the sofa made with a wooden box. I tried ín vain to catch one and so I hoped to find one day anything I can use. I really like, that it is stylish, but you can see the normal use.
In the morning I had the idea of a room with red, but my weekend is full of dates, so I hoped to do it on sunday evening.
But because it is so relaxing just to put a few things together - I startet just after work this evening with one item I found on the street and one i bought in the big store........


  1. I love this scene! (Because of a headache I make it easier for myself and write in English)
    The table and the red pot looks great and I love the use of the bubblewrap!

    I really like what you have done with the house so far and the different set ups you have put together in it!

  2. Danke Dir, Helene!
    Aber mein Lundby-Häuschen liebe ich nun noch mehr mit seinen Türen und Fenstern. Alles zu seiner Zeit.
    Ich selbst schreibe manchmal auch nur in Deutsch, wenn ich müde bin, oder nur in Englisch, wenn ich faul bin. Hoffe, Deine Kopfschmerzen sind bald weg, ich hatte mein Leben lang so starke Kopfschmerzen, aber das ist "in meinem Alter" ;-) nun vorbei.
    Liebe Grüße