Samstag, 11. Juli 2009

Muscheln - sea shell

Endlich habe ich mal schöne kleine Muscheln gefunden, und noch ein Töpfchen für Dipps (der Tisch) und einen Bilderhalter, der als Stehlampe dient.
Finally I found very small shells, and a small bowl /the table) and something thats holds pictures, but is a lamp in my dollshouse.


  1. Thanks for following my blog!
    This picture made me think of this: 'She sells sea shells', try saying that a couple of times fast ;)
    Your blog inspires me to work on my 70's house. I've seen a few lovely ideas here!
    Regards, Josje

  2. Welcome Josje to my blog! I'm happy to have another follower living in the neighborhood. Perhaps we can swap a few items...
    Have fun.
    And I enjoy your blog too, there are excellent pictures.