Freitag, 18. September 2009

Buntes Plastik - colourful plastic

with the gdr-chairs and club-armchairs came two childrens beds and a drawer, but everything is so colourful, that it is no fun to make scenes with it before it is painted or covered with cloth. I discovered that the bodo hennig coffee-table is perfect for the lundby house as a very huge table. both had to give their colour to my fotoshop.
Dies wäre eine Möglichkeit: Für eine rosa-verrückte junge Frau muss man hier nichts anstreichen.
This could be another possibility: for a mad-for-pink young lady it would be okay not to paint.


  1. I do like this scene with pink highlights! It works very well with the natural wood and the white furniture - and a little bit of red and green and blue as well! Perhaps a mad-for-pink young lady would want even more pink, but this seems nice and fresh without being overwhelming.
    Your sepia photos are very effective too! It focuses the eye on the play of shapes and lines, which I always enjoy in your pictures.

  2. thank you so much Rebecca!
    what a nice compliment.