Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2009

by night

Allthough I am in the mood for making a new scene, no idea comes to me - so I made some familiar settings and I think that's part of the healing - like chicken broth.


  1. I thought about your red and white kitchen when I sent you the fabric with red berries, but it worked very well in the bedroom as well!
    The lilac lamp looks great and I love that scene!

  2. wow, Pubdoll, you are a nightingale - if I would have to go to work tomorrow, I would sleep at this time. I think the berry-fabric works for nearly everything, p. e. towels or tablecloth.
    the lamp is my lamp I have since month plus the cap of a styling mousse - so easy again, the idea has only to come up.
    have a nice night and sleep. I'll go to bed now.

  3. I always get inspired to try something new when I read your blog. I never thought about using caps. I have to go raid my medicine cabinet now. All of these scenes are sleek and modern - they look like you could just move right in.

  4. beautiful scenes!
    lovely pictures!
    brilliant ideas!
    lovely :)

  5. thank you petitenouveau and Natalie, you are so kind!