Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2009


lovely pubdoll presented me some fabrics with very very small patterns and I enjoy, because they are hard to find! I have a lot of fabrics in my drawers and they wait to be cushions or bedspreads or chairs. We will see, what happens this week, when I am at home. I have two cocktail-armchairs to be covered with cloth and I tried some of my new and old, which one should I take?


  1. I didn't like the pink and yellow dotted fabric very much before, but when I saw it in your photo it looked really nice! I liked the "Hundertwasser" fabric for the chair, but I'm not sure though.
    Now I have a dalmatian too :-) My son was determined that Glenn Closeenough should have one. The one we bought was too big for her, but perhaps I can use it as a model and repaint a smaller dog.

  2. I vote for the last one, the dark pattern of colorful circles. Lovely!

  3. Hi Pubdoll, I think my Dalmation is too big for the most scenes too, but he is so good for pressing down the beddings....
    Look forward too seeing yours and what you make.

  4. Hi Callsmall, thanks for beeing helpful for my decision. The pattern you mean is what Pubdoll and I call "Hundertwasser" - so you can see: the same opinion!
    I'll take this one and another one, I have three of this armchairs. And I do not like lounge suites, so it is okay to have three different.