Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2009

unfinished projects

Yeah! Cocco, Pubdolls friend (and NOT a doll), was soooo nice to make such a seven-chair for me. Thanks a lot, Cocco! You're the best! I realized, that it is not the best time to make new scenes and guessed, that the reason is, there are too many unfinished projects. So I put all my stuff out of the drawers, which I wanted to bring to an end "one day"....
here is the cheerless result:


  1. I think we all have some unfinished projects laying around! I know I do! I'm so easily distracted. It's much more fun to start something new than work on something that you really don't like very much! Agree? :)

  2. Yes, I agree, kathi. And isn't it wonderful, that nobody forced us to continue or makes pressure or waits or is disappointed? I love this aspect of a hobby. At work you have to do what others say. But at my table at home, which is my work-desk as well as my dining table, I can work or let it be. Thats freedom! I'm so glad you feel with me.

  3. Nice to see the seven chair together with your other mini chairs!
    I have quite a few unfinished projects as well, but I like it that way. I think it's good to have different things I can choose to do if and when I want to. To have no unfinished projects, that would be boring!

  4. pubdoll, that's "positive thinking" at its best!