Montag, 21. Dezember 2009


I am and was allways a huge fan of solstice-fire! In former times I lived in a nice landscape with crazy people around - they often lit a fire in their gardens and we sat or danced around and sung, don't care, if the people might say, we are witches!
I miss this fires very much, in the town it is not allowed to make a fire in the garden.
Today I am so happy because of the change to more light, this day brings to us. I wanted to make a scene with a few dolls and a fire, but then many things went wrong and so I could only take pictures of my mad balcony-fire in an old bowl of emaille (I think I had a bath in it, when I was a baby :-)


  1. Well Oese, I hope you did have a chance to dance on the balcony! Dancing around a fire sounds to me like a wonderful thing to do! And perhaps it would create a little magic! Hope you rest well on this LOOONG night, and tomorrow the sun is on its way back again.

  2. Happy Solstice Oese! :-) So wonderful to celebrate it with a fire, just as we do on Midsummers night!

  3. Thanks for the reminder that the sun is coming around again! These past few days have been dark and gloomy, but today the sun is shining and it's 60 degrees outside! My kind of weather!
    Maybe your little fire helped?

  4. jaaa - gute idee! ich freue mich auch, dass die tage bald wieder länger werden :) und deine fotos machen einem echt noch mehr freude darauf!!

    lg, nicola

  5. I have always liked singing around a fire but a campfire in the summer evening when you hear the crickets and frogs singing along with you. My husband would play his guitar and we would sing along. Or in the fall when I was a child, we would all gather to rake the leaves (and jump in them) and then my father would burn them in small piles and I loved the smell of the fire. But we can not have fires anymore either. Even in metal containers, fires are no longer allowed.

  6. Well. if enjoying dancing around a fire makes one a witch, count me in! CM

  7. Thank you all for your nice comments!
    Lize, my balcony was full of snow and because it was my turn to remove the snow from the street I wasn't in the mood to clean the balcony too. So I took my boots on and took some quickly fotos.

    Pubdoll, ich erinnere mich noch sehr gut an das Mittsommernachtsfeuer. Stand da nicht so ein geheimnisvoller Fremder? Ich habe bis heute nicht ganz kapiert, worum es ging. Du kannst so spannend erzählen.

    kathi, I believe in the magic of fires!

    Nicola, schön, dass nicht alles es albern finden, ein Feuer in einer Emailleschüssel auf dem Balkon anzuzünden. Ich kenne einige, die die Augen rollen würden. Und ich bin froh, dass keine schwarzen Rußflecken an der Decke sind....

    Doreen, I know all you tell. Isn't it a pity, that there are worst things than a fire in a metal container (like war and hunger) that are not forbidden?

    Carol, welcome to the witch-club!

    Hope you all say a warm welcome to the light with me!

  8. Hi Oese, I love a good fire, but as others have stated as well, environmental laws in the Netherlands prohibit open fires in the garden (or anywhere outside for that matter). There are exceptions but I don't know the specifics. I do understand the reasoning behind it, because people just used to burn anything, not very environmentally friendly!
    I love the idea of days getting longer again from now on, although I do love the cosy aspect of dark afternoons, spent talking over a cup of tea and some chocolate. And on days like these, with everything covered in snow, looking sooo pretty (and not too cold), I can say I love the winter too! Happy Solstice (well, a day late...)

  9. Beautiful fire photos, Oese! I love fires, open fires inside, camp fires outside. We have some restrictions on burning here - total fire bans on many days during summer, and burning leaves and rubbish is also banned. But barbeques and camp fires are quintessentially Australian, and not totally banned.

  10. Happy Winter Solstice! Happy Summer Solstice to those of us in the southern hemisphere!

  11. Hi Josje and Rebecca,
    thank you for your comments and regards!
    I think, four days off will be great to say welcome to the light!