Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2009

Review of the Year 2009

Dear blogger-friends, dear new followers!
Thank you for beeing my visitor - some of you - nearly every day. I enjoy your interestingness, comments and questions or suggestions very much. I'm so glad that I improved my english and that there are less words I have to look after in the dictionary month by month. That is because of you! I would never be motivated to improve my english before having so many international readers.
I want to give you, and especially the new followers, a very short overview of my posts this year.
Have fun! Have a good new year and may some of your dreams come true (and there may be some dreams left to dream).
PS: I made this post a few days ago, today I'll go to celebrate the last day of the year with a friend in Hamburg and at the weekend I will build my new IKEA-furniture.

Januar 2009
This is how it all begun: A few tiny things like playmobil in my cupboard - I liked the idea to have a small hair-salon. Had no idea to what this would lead....

Februar 2009
I began to craft a few things with cardpaper and fabric and polymer clay, I bought some dogs and beads and looked at the things I had allready with "mini-eyes".

März 2009
I purchased my first miniatures in HongKong. Didn't know what trouble that means with the customs. But all went well and I made a designer-table from light wood I saw in the other blogs for miniatures.
April 2009
I was so inspired by the other bloggers, I wanted to copy the wonderful style, I didn't realized yet, that my furniture was too big for my lundby-house.

Mai 2009 Messe in Soest
My first miniature-fair - I only visited because it was near to my hometown. It was a bit overwhelming for me, but I found a few nice chairs without paying posting or customs.

Juni 2009 Villa Eichhorn - pimped
I purchased a dollshouse for children and had a lot of work and fun to pimp it up to a kind of "modern dollshouse". It found its place near the window and I learned to make fotos with the sunlight or lamps beside it. It was really a lot of fun!

Juli 2009 First Swap
I bought so many things this year and I realized, that I couldn't keep them all. I dediced to give away some items and had my first Swap with the very nice Lady Doreen. She got three Bodo-Hennig dolls. The familiy arrived in Canada and had a warm welcome.

August 2009 Antique dollshouse furniture
I made a short trip with my son to pick up a very old dollshouse I found on ebay. I loved the antique furniture, but not the house. And everything was much bigger than I guessed after looking at the fotographs. Some of this pieces are in Australia now, because Rebecca loved it too, but I kept this wonderful doll and a few pieces for my scenes. I had a lot of work with it on my balcony - but it was worth it.

September 2009 The last summer days
Doreen made a wonderful barbecue, a golf-bag and some other really nice things for me. I made this summer scene that some of you reminds of their own garden-corners.
It is to mention that I had swaps with a few others of my new blogger friends, not only Doreen. And it was a great pleasure to me.

Oktober 2009 More minimini-houses
I first visited the modelrailway shop in my neighborhood and found a lot of nice N-scale houses for my collection. I started with a Villa Sibi made of a little wooden box and that was the beginning! This is my way to collect nice dollshouses, because I have no space to collect the real ones.

November 2009 Extension floor
This was my chance to get another room which needs no more space: the extension floor for my smaland house. I love big rooms with the possibility to make two areas like living and cooking or sleeping and working.

Dezember 2009 Massage-bench
I admired the work of Pinchofpepper on flickr and had the currage to ask her for making me an OOAK-piece. And she agreed and started immediatly, because she loves to make minis.
Hi Pinchofpepper, if you read this: Best wishes to you!


  1. A marvelous year to you too Oese!!

    May you find many more bargains on E- bay and elsewhere, may you always enjoy the little things like you do now.

    Have a wonderful 2010

  2. So nice to see your New Year Parade, and to look back to the more modest beginning of your work. It has been a pleasure to follow your progress this year in so many ways, thank you!

    I hope you will have as much fun with your miniatures and blog next year as you have had this year, so we can continue to enjoy your scenes! Happy New Year Oese!

  3. I look forward to everything you do, Oese, and it has been great getting to know you and your work this year! I enjoyed your little retrospective of your blog-life. I hope you have a great new year!

  4. Happy New Year Oese :)
    One of the things I have liked about this year is getting to "know" you, I have enjoyed following your blogs and your pictures on Flickr, thank you

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  6. It is hard to believe that just a year ago it started out with playmobile in a cupboard. I have enjoyed following your blog but more important becoming your friend. I do not comment so much but I do follow every day and am still amazed at what you accomplish in so little space. You would think you had several dollhouses from the pictures.I wish you all the best throughout the coming year and I hope that 2010 will be good to you.

  7. Hello my dear blogger-fellows and -friends!
    I'm glad to read you enjoyed my parade of 2010. I look forward to 2010, what will it give to us? And what will we have to give to the world? The times are very hard, but interesting and exciting!
    I had a wonderful time in Hamburg, unfortunately (nearly) without sunshine, so that the fotos aren't too good, but I will choose some for flickr to share with you.
    Thanks again for all the nice wishes - the same to you all!

  8. wirklich sehr beeindruckend, wie schnell Du ins Miniaturhobby eingestiegen bist und so gute Ergebnisse vorweisen kannst - sehr schöner Rückblick und eine gute Idee -

  9. Vielen Dank, liebe Puppenstubensammlerin, ja, ich geb immer Vollgas!