Mittwoch, 20. Januar 2010

the german curator

dear callsmall, I hope you see it as a compliment, that I was so impressed and inspired of your curator-scene/idea and made one too. I don't know why I haven't used a pillar in my scenes before, but now there is one.
annina's packet with the bozart furniture arrived today, and a few sweet adds - thank you so annina!
this is a way "my" curator lives:


  1. Lovely room Oese! I also like your modern art. Great carpet... is it printed or will you share your source?

  2. The art on the wall is Ingrid Rimald, Hamburg "Ohne Titel", the drawing of the nude woman is by me and so is the bust (from polymer clay).
    The "carpet" is a site of a lifestyle magazin, they had a booklet about classic designers. if you blow up the second picture you can see that there is printed: an alle designer - wir sagen danke.
    that means: to all designers - we say thank you.
    and I want to say thank you for your nice comment, Lize!

  3. Thanks Oese! I opened it and saw.. so appropriate as well to say thank you! The more I look the more things I see to like. The pink desk is very cute and so are those lucite side tables!

  4. Very nice, Oese, and I am flattered! I like how you used the Bozart table and chairs, and it is so nice to see YOUR art, curated by you! :) Did you see that The Shopping Sherpa blogged about you?

  5. Amazing! You have such a knack for the settings. Love your camera work. The pink vase with the flower stuck out for me. Loved the whole scene.

  6. I really see the Bozart furniture in a new way in this scene - the table really could be a desk, with that shelf below, and the chairs with their differently shaped cut-outs against the wall with square holes! And what a brilliant idea to use polystyrene for the pillar - ready made texture! I love that you use your own artworks in scenes :-)

  7. thank you all for your comments and agreement!Callsmall, nice you like it and don't think I want to copy your ideas. And how sweet that the faboulus Shopping Sherpa mentioned me, I'm flattered now. Thanks for beeing so mindful.

    Amy, the pink vase is part of a Barbie set.
    Rebecca, my own work is small enough to look like great art in the dollshouse.the polystyrene was waiting for me for months untill Callsmall gave me the impulse to make a pillar with it.
    My Realitty, so please make a mini-museum, then I will send you some "art" for it with the throw. I have to admit, that I haven't found the nails for it, but I'm searching. Has anyone around knittingnails size 1 (german size)???
    Thank you all so very much.

  8. hallo oese, ich hatte deinen kommentar auf flickr/minimaggi gar nicht gelesen, sorry.
    du kannst ein paar nadel von mir bekommen. mail mir deine adresse.
    welches garn willst du versticken?

  9. I love the Bozart table, too bad you beat me too it Oese! :-) But very nice to see it in this fabulous scene! The art is great and it really looks like a curator lives here!

  10. Oh Pubdoll, I'm sorry! You wanted this big table? This furniture don't fit into your houses :-P!!!!
    Too big, even the chairs. I've tried them in the lundby. So don't be sad......
    What a great compliment that you say, it looks like a curator lives here. I will try to make fotos of some more of my paintings or drawings I have kept.
    Have all a nice weekend.

  11. Love your artwork you are very talented! Oese :-)
    Beautiful lighting! and lovely scenes!

  12. I knew they were too big for the houses, but I love this table and chairs, and as you know I have a tall handsome stranger :-)