Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2010

More from Annina (and from India)

Today I actually only want to show you one of the goodies Annina sent me with the chairs: A game I do not know till now.
But i like to put it on the tiny table and immediatly was in my childhood - all the men in my family love to play games. on every birthday-party they played "Skat" on a table in the bedroom, that was put into the bedroom only for this day. My grandfather was smoking his cigar, they all drank a lot of bear and "Schnaps", but they was able to count for the game the whole time.

But of course there was no modern designer furniture like this in my grandparents flat ;-)

PS: The postcard on the wall arrived this week from india, where friends of mine (the man born in india) with their small children stay for the winter....


  1. Hi Oese,
    it's very well done, I'm impressed. I played this game, when I was young (I think) but the name was Cluedo. May be it's a newer version of it. Someone had been killed, and the players had to find how, by whom, etc ...
    You must have had much pleasure preparing this scene for us.

  2. Hello Bea, yes it was pleasure. Old memories are very often a pleasure. And new mini-furniture ore items too. I've heard Cluedo too, but that was no game I played.

  3. So nice and bright colours in this scene, both in the furniture and in the lovely card from India!
    Love the tiny Clue game!

  4. The details in the Clue game is amazing! Very nice room.:)

  5. Hi Pubdoll, nice to meet you! Yes, I love the postcards arriving in my postbox, when they matches in my scenes. so this blog is a kind of diary too. Nice you like my little gift, it's cute.
    Sans, thank you for your compliment.