Sonntag, 10. Januar 2010


Update 11.01.10:
I found this real lighthouse-fotos in the internet while searching "living in a lighthouse". If you scroll down in this link, you can see more pics of the interior with designer-furniture. I love it.

Finished Interior, ursprünglich hochgeladen von alamo square

this is a great idea for people like me who have not enough space: while thinking about the "how" of putting my new shelves into my room I had the vision of a tower for room, that is high and uses less room on the bottom. I saw a wonderful lighthouse in the beginning of my small interest, but I didn't found the same, but this one on flickr.
and: I found that it is a kit I could buy and try to build of my own, the price is okay I think. It would fit wonderful in the corner of my room beside the window. I would try to make bigger windows or a conservatory -we will see.
here is the link to the company in germany which sells this "greenleaf"-product.


  1. da bin ich ja gespannt, was du daraus machst. ich kenne den leuchtturm nur traditionell einrichtet als wohnung für seemänner und leuchtturmwärter oder als laden für maritimes. ist bei 1:12er ein sehr beliebtes "haus".
    viel vergnügen

  2. What a great idea. I have a small living area also. I hope you get it and show us someday. Just bet it will be so lovely. You do excellent work.

  3. Me ha encantado el faro. Es una casa fantastica.

  4. hallo maggi,
    wahrscheinlich bist du mehr in den deutschen foren unterwegs, ich denke, da habe ich es vielleicht auch schonmal gesehen. mit den foren komme ich nicht so gut klar, meistens so umständlich zu bedienen, viel zu lesen und wenig fotos - da haperts mit meiner konzentration.
    ja, ich möchte ihn natürlich hypermodern einrichten, ist ja klar.
    aber das ist ein projekt für später mal, vielleicht im frühjahr, wenn ich einiges im keller machen kann.

    schönen sonntag dir!

  5. thank you so much amy - if I get it (why not for 118 €?), I'll built/pain and furnish it very modern. I think we must wait untill the spring with this project.
    have fun meanwhile with your lovely lundby-minis.

  6. It is a lovely tower, Oese. Which rooms will you make? Or will you make a combination, like Sitting room/ Dining room/kitchen and Bedroom/bathroom? Will you use typical maritime decor such as shells, boats and fishing paraphernalia?

  7. Great idea Oese, the house is beautiful and I can't wait to see what you do with it if you decide to buy it! I would love to see a lighthouse decorated in a modern style!

  8. Hi Lize,
    nice you like the tower. I think in the bottom the kitchen and living romm, in the middle bedroom with a desk and in the third room a kind of meditation room/spa or atelier. perhaps it is possible to make an atelier for the artist living there in the part, where the light is.
    I would like to make bigger windows and a conservatory and give the whole tower a very modern outfit, as if it is an architectual-award-winners masterpiece - haha, if I'll be able to do that alone? we will see.
    nice you all be a part of the process.

  9. Hi Pubdoll, thank you! I forgot the bathroom, when I answered Lize. It must be nice to have a bathtube in the highest room with light from every side, but noone can have a view inside.....

  10. Love your idea for the bathroom on the top floor. I've been looking at this lighthouse for a long time. It's on my wish list too!

  11. This would be a wonderful project. Quite a challenge. I would love to see what you do with it.

  12. This is a lovely lighthouse! It's a great idea for saving space, and has a very good feel to it even before it's furnished. A converted windmill would be nice too!

  13. Hi kathi and Doreen and Rebecca!
    I was a bit ill today and had one nap after the other today - ugly headace! I dreamed of my tower and I think, I will start this in spring and then make a working room in my basement/cellar. I can use the dark winterdays for making drawings.
    Thank you all so very much for your interest!

  14. Thank you Pandora! I hope it will be realized one day.