Mittwoch, 7. April 2010


Finally Spring!
I went out with a cardigan today, yeah that is spring, I'm so glad the cold weather is gone.
I've got a plastic-bag in a big store and it has wonderful colours, so I tried to use it as a floor, but it was tricky to take fotos without reflexions of the sunlight.

I hope to find more time to post other pics soon.....


  1. Looks wonderful! The carpet is brilliant. Happy Spring! CM

  2. Beautiful - you always do so well with lighting!!


  3. So pretty! You are very creative! Love the floor!

  4. I just love the colors for Spring. Very cool idea using the bag.

  5. Lovely and refreshing scene! Love the bag floor and the pastel spring colours!

  6. It's so spring-y and fresh and you always get the best light. I think of you when I take my pics and try to get sunlight in them before giving up and using the lamp. :)

    Love the pink vase, it reminds me of the K House Adler vases.

  7. Very spring like. The bag does makes a great flooring.

    Glad you are getting some warmth. :)

  8. Thank you very much all! Yes, it was a nice spring day, when I published this scene, but the day after was grey and rainy and today it will be too.
    But I found a new thing to play with yesterday in a shopwindow and hope to can show you at the weekend. It's a house to take outside, be curious.
    Minihugs from germany