Montag, 6. September 2010

Wo ich gestern war, ist wohl nicht schwer herauszubekommen. Es war ein Kurztrip mit schönen Begegnungen und Erlebnissen (und sogar Einsichten).
It is easy to see where I was yesterday, I made a short trip to Berlin, it was very nice and I returned richer.

Ich habe einige meiner Lieblingsmotive vor die Linse bekommen, wie z. B. Haustüren,
I was able to take fotos from some of my favourite motives like doors,
ungewöhnliche Ansichten von Häusern, 
unexpected views of buildings, 

Schaufenster, shopwindows

Wolken; und clouds; and
manche Bilder lassen erneute Bilder in den Köpfen entstehen, aber nur für bestimmte Personen. 
some pictures leads to new pictures in our heads, but only for some persons.


  1. Und die bist ja in die Hauptstaadt gereist....

  2. Genau!
    Es war eigentlich ein Wahnsinn, weil wir nur für einen Tag da waren. Aber es war gut, ein Forentreffen und viel Freude!

  3. I see you have a lot of fun with your new Gotland house :-) I love the double doors in it! And seems you had a great time in Berlin as well. I love the tiny Brandenburger Tor and the last photo of big and small.
    And the masks arrived today, they are perfect sized and look fantastic! Thank you Oese, you are so kind!!!
    You wrote you hadn't seen masks in my blog before, that isn't all true, I arranged a carneval in February, ( with partly selfmade masks, but they were nowhere near as wonderful as these!

  4. Hi Pupdoll, I'm so sorry I forgot your wonderful masks you made for your dolls. Of course I saw it, but I had some masks for the walls in my mind when I wrote to you. I'm glad you like the masks, I'm curios who will get them? Polly Line has got some treasures, but I think she would be happy with the masks too.
    Yes, it was a short but nice trip to Berlin. The weather was nice and because I was in Berlin for more than a week a few years ago I had no ambitions for sightseeing and enjoyed the alldaylife and the meeting of some internet-friends I meet in a forum since years.
    I hope we could meet some day, in Brighton or Paris or Stavanger or whereever. I don't stop dreaming of a big minilover-meeting one day.
    Best regards

  5. Hi Lisa, I'm glad you like it. I was lucky to found it in an old sewing-machine-box. In the past we gave such bobbins (I didn't know this word till now) to our cat to play with.