Donnerstag, 9. September 2010

Lighthouse - Leuchtturm

Er ist noch nicht ganz fertig, aber für die Verblendung des Übergangs von Innenseite und Außenseite ist mir noch nichts eingefallen. Dafür habe ich ja doch eine schöne Kollektion von superkleinen Sachen.
Obwohl es heute ständig gießt, habe ich ein paar sonnige Momente erhaschen können für die Fotos.
It isn't finished yet, but for the covering of the inside-outside changeover there's no solution in my mind yet. But I think my collection of supermini items is quite big meanwhile. It is a very rainy day today, but I catches some sunny moments for the fotos:
Das Wohnzimmer ist hauptsächlich auch Eisenbahner-Zubehör gemacht, dann noch ein Re-ment-Töpfchen als Tisch und Heftklammern. Die Lampe ist auch Re-ment und endlich mein!
The living room is furnished mainly with railway-appliances, staples and Re-ment. The lamp is mine, yeah! 

Hier habe ich eine kleine Leuchtturm-Szene versucht, aber es ist keine perfekte Illusion, finde ich.
I tried a little lightfire-scene, but no perfect illusion I think.

Und hier noch einmal etwas vom Innenleben, gestern abend bei künstlichem Licht aufgenommen.
And this is a view inside, taken last night.


  1. What a fantastic lighthouse! Did you make the whole thing, or did you adapt the top part from something else? I love the scene in the glasshouse, with the woman standing by the lighthouse, and the tiny man standing at the front of it. And I love the colours of the lighthouse scene. I think for me the main thing that would make it more convincing is more height and distance from the sea. Really lovely!

  2. Hi Rebecca, I was just wondering, if lightfire was the correct expression, when I read your comment. Now I named this post in the correct way.
    For answering your questions I added some links to former posts that shows how I dealed with this theme before. The little lighthouse was a very cheap decoration.
    I'll try to make a better scene, perhaps when our new lake has more water? Today was a very rainy day, so there is hope that it is bigger.
    Thank you very much for your comment and suggestion, Rebecca!

  3. I love your lighthouse, just great. And looks perfect in the scene.

  4. thank you very much eva, and thank you for your comment, so that I got to know your blog and your fabulous creations!
    have a nice day