Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

Auf der Alm

 Wer hätte das gedacht? Nun gibt es doch noch Rustikales bei Oese! Nichts ist so beständig wie der Wandel. Ich hatte ja neulich schon einige Skizzen gezeigt, als ich mich mit der Hütte vom Alp-Öhi beschäftigt habe. Die Hütte vom Großvater aus dem Buch "Heidi". Kennt sie jemand nicht?
Nothing is as constant as the change. Now it happened what I never would have thought: Oese makes a rustic scene! Some time ago I showed you a few sketches, when I had the alpine hut in mind, where the "Alp-.Öhi" lives. It is a character from the book "Heidi". Does anybody missed to read this? I can't imagine.
Obwohl ich die rustikalen und bäuerlichen Sachen eher weggegeben und aussortiert habe, da ich mich auf Midcentury und Modernes konzentrieren wollte, blieben doch noch ein paar Sachen übrig, die ich jetzt in die Hütte stellen kann.
Allthough I sorted most of my rustic and rural items I have some for the hut, and not only modern and midcentury.
 Ha, und hier ist auch die Ziege, es ist natürlich Bärli. Wenn jemand eine weiße Ziege findet, bitte Bescheid geben, ich brauche ja auch noch Schwänli.
Ah and this is the goat named "Bärli", which means sweet little bear. There is missing a white goat with the cute name "Schwänli", that means sweet little swan. If you see a white goat to order online not so expensive, let me know please.
 Es ist noch einiges zu tun, einen richtigen Herd soll es geben mit Esse und so mancherlei fehlt noch. Ich würde auch glatt etwas von meinen 1:12 Möbeln tauschen, falls jemand bäuerliche Gerätschaften an mich abtreten möchte.
There is a lot of work to do, I want a real stove with a chimney and I miss some rural implements. If you have some to give away (not too big), I would like to swap some of my 1:12 furniture.

 Hier ist der Alp-Öhi vor seiner Hütte, er genießt den ruhigen Abend und wundervollen Blick über die Berge.
And this is the inhabitant, the Öhi, that means Uncle in swiss-german. He has a wonderfull view over the swiss mountains.
Schon als ich den Wunsch verspürte, eine Almhütte zu machen, dachte ich mir, dafür eignet sich doch bestimmt perfekt ein Krippenstall. Auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt bei uns werden immer welche aus Tirol angeboten. Wunderschön, doch leider viel zu teuer. Also doch wieder ebay. Diese Krippe habe ich für 12 Euro ersteigert. Und kann nun noch ausbauen wie ich mag und nach dem Vorbild der schönen Tiroler Krippen, an denen ich jeden Tag vorbeigehe.
When I felt the desire to make an alpine-hut, I thought it would be a good idea to look for a creche. There are some wonderful creches from Tirol on our Christmas-market, but they are rather expensive, so it had to be ebay once again. I got this creche for only 12 € and now I can change everything like I want, steeling with my eyes from the Tirol chreches I walk along every day.
Ich finde, sie sieht meiner Zeichnung - und auch meiner Vorstellung beim Lesen des Buches - doch ganz schön ähnlich. Nun sage ich mal für eine Zeit der Moderne ade. Ich hoffe, Euch macht es auch Spaß!
I think this one - I let you see the whole thing on my windowsill - is very similar to what I had in mind, when I made the drawing and what came to my mind while reading the book. Now I'm out of the modern section for a little while. Hope you enjoy!


  1. I remember reading "Heidi" and wishing I could sleep in a little hayloft bed like she did! I will keep my eyes open for a little white goat! What a good idea to use the "Creche" for the cottage!

  2. Das ist ja eine wahre Überaschung und eine so nette!
    Ich kuche mir das später noch mall ausfürlicher an. Ich bin nämlich krank ( irgend eine Grippe und Fieber) Ich kan mich jetzt schlect konzentrieren.Sonst gab bei uns eine Naturekatastrophe- Ein wald brand, 42 tote.....

  3. I love the Heidi book and read it several times as a child, I think my aunt must have done so too, because her daughter's, my cousin's, name is Heidi :-) I saw the TV-series on Norwegian TV in my childhood as well.
    Your cottage is lovely, so warm and cozy, that creche was a great find! I can totally believe that Alp-Öhi lives there.
    It's a nice change to do something different than modern as well isn't it? At least I have always enjoyed doing different styles and would love to give rustic a try too some day, but for me it's the most challenging style to do.

  4. Hi Daydreamer, nice you know Heidi as well. I saw some videos at Xoutube and thought, that most people know her because of the comments in every language. I didn't know before I was intersted in this theme that there was a Heidi-movie with Shirley Temple. That was very sweet but hollywoodish, mmh?
    Neomi, kennst du Heidi auch? Gute Besserung, ich habe Dir geschrieben.
    Hi Helene, you have such a nice landscape in Norway too, I think there must be nice huts too, am I right? Well, this book was read by my mother, when I learned reading and my mother did as Klaras grandmother, she made me wishing to read, cause I wanted to know how the story goes on and I wanted to read it again and again.
    I knew what you mean with the challenge. This morning very early I took a candle and burnt the surface of the wooden furniture to make it look more old. The result is great I think, I'll show it tonight.
    But now back to work.

  5. I read Heidi when I was very young :).

    I think you do rural very very well . My theme is rural so I really love it. Must your goat be 1:12? Your house look quite small? Is it 1:24? I will see what I have in my stash but they are mainly 1:12. What other rural things do you need?

  6. Hi Sans, the lundby-furniture 1:16 fits very well in this creche. they're ususally not namend in a scale but in the size of the figures, I think everything lundby-size or a bit bigger or smaller is okay, the goat is also very small, but they have different sizes, so what.
    Maybe tomorrow I will translate the items I would like to have, they are mostly unknown to me. But you can see everything I've got in this pictures and you can imagine what I need. The goats need hay, so there is something needed to cut the grass and to put it together, something for the goats milk and making cheese from it, she needs water and the Öhi needs water too. And perhaps some tools for the garden. It's the usual crib-equipment I guess. But to be honest I could make all this things of my own. Would be nice to give some of my 1:12 things away to nice blogger-friends. I think there is a sofa that might be good for you. I'll look for a picture of it tomorrow. now I'm so tired. Have a good night too.

  7. I loved Heidi when I was a child! I also had Heidi Grows Up, and Heidi's Children, which were written by Johanna Spyri's English translator - I don't know if they were translated into German?
    The crib makes a great alpine hut, and I love how you've furnished it - it looks very cosy :-)

  8. Hello Rebecca,
    I think there are some of my followers who will like the new style of my current project - like you. I'm very glad you think it's cosy.
    I didn't know that there are some more books about Heidi and know I hesitate: Shall I read it or not? The pro is that I guess it's possible for me to understand without many views in the dictionary. The contra is, I may be dissapointed, because the feeling is different or kind of "feeling it's only a copy".
    I had this feeling while reading the second part of "Gone with the wind", a book names "Scarlet". Now I have those pictures in my mind of Scarlet in Ireland - but I don't want this pictures. How can I get rid of them.
    So I think I'll not read Heidi's children.
    Or should I! Oh, it's your fault :-) that I have to make such a decision.....


    Hi Rebecca, is this the book you mentioned? I read the comments and now it's clear I'd never read it. This book was/is too important for me.
    I would like to know what was your opinion about the different writers Spyri and Tritten.
    Have a nice day, I think we should continue this via email...

  10. I haven't read them for a very long time - they are at my mother's place, so I will reread them over the holidays, and let you know what I think! Hugs, Rebecca