Donnerstag, 9. Dezember 2010

Liebe Kinder, bitte nicht nachmachen.

Dear children, don't imitate!

 Um einen rustikalen Eindruck zu bekommen, habe ich Holzmöbel über offener Flamme geröstet...
For that rustic feeling I roasted some wooden furniture....
dann den Ruß abgewaschen - noch ein wenig geschliffen und geschnitzt...
then I give them a wash to remove the smut - and a little carfing...

 zum Schluss noch Öl dauf und etwas raspeln....
a bit of oil on it and more rasping...
fertig ist der "used-look" des 19. Jahrhunderts. Am Schrank und Stuhl habe ich nicht so viel gemacht wie an dem Tisch. Das Regal (liegend) ist noch unberührt.
the used-look of the 19th century is ready. On the cupboard and stool I wasn't busy yet, I only finished the table. Beside the shelve in it's original state.
Meine beeboo-Holzmöbel, die ich im letzten Jahr unbedingt haben wollte, mussten hierfür dran glauben. Sie waren mir auch immer zu dick. Nur Sessel und Sofa dürfen in meiner Sammlung bleiben, der Rest wird verheizt, äh: hüttentauglich gemacht.
My beeboo-furniture - last year a "must-have" had to go to the fire today. They seemed allways to thick for me, only the chairs and sofa will stay in my collection, the rest will be prepared for a alpine-hut-life.

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  1. Of course I love the "after" effects :):). It is brilliant , Petra! Alpine Hut Life is definitely my cup of tea :).

    I am still struggling with 1:16. Made some stuff for Helene which I thought was small but turned out to be gigantic :):).

  2. I better not show my 8-year old son this -- he'll start burning all of my furniture! Who knew something so hot could be so cool! ;)

  3. Hi Sans, thank you so much for your agreement! I'm glad you like what I made and watching this progress.In some cases the scale is very important, mostly I don't care, when there are some differences. For example the milk chums. They come in different sizes. I think I would like to try to do them with thin metall. I saw one on the Christmas market for more than 5 Euro, that's too much for such a tiny piece. I think it's fun collecting these stuff. Looking forward to what I will get.

    Callsmall, you're right, I thought of the children at first. So beware! I hope you have a good time, nice weekend. But mostly I hope the second parcel arrived?

    Greetings to you!

  4. Very clever! I like how the cupboard is dirtier around the handles, very realistic.