Freitag, 24. Dezember 2010

Rotkohl zu Weihnachten

 If you want to see what I'm doing right now, you can watch the progress with my red cabbage here:
 Red cabbage
Happy Holidays!


  1. Yum!! Red cabbage and apple, always a favourite of mine. Happy Holidays to you too!

  2. Prettige Kerstdaagen - is this what you say?
    Hope you have a yummy meal too.

  3. Frohe Weihnachten /Gledelig jul Oese!
    I've been to busy these last days and today to be on the net before now but I hope you have had a nice evening with your family!

  4. Dear Helene, thank you so much for your caring wishes. I'm sure you've had a nice time too.
    I spent the day with my family and the 24.12. with friends. Tomorrow I'll stay alone with my minis and some cards or letters to write to people without internet - it's a kind of tradition for me to write new years greetings on christmas, it is very cosy with tea and mum's cookies we got today an of course a lot of candles. I'm looking forward.
    Hugs from Germany and Oese.

  5. mama, du kannst nicht einfach "i'm looking forward" sagen, das ist nicht so wie unser "ich freu mich". du musst das definieren, worauf du dich freust, also zumindest sagen "i'm looking forward to it" oder so.