Samstag, 14. Mai 2011

Feel your heart beat

Sorry for the bad fotographs - you know my camera loves good light like I do.
 France: I loved his show and the fotographs in the background.
 The german singer Lena with a very special song (and I show you my very special way to throw a party).
Italy: I like this too - and so does Pubdoll :-)
 Hi Shopping Sherpa and other ESC-Fans in Australia. I heared you watch the show very early in the morning, so have fun and a good sunday with a nap in the afternoon. To all my European friends who like the ESC: Welcome to the Lundby's party tonight, the enjoy the show so far. Most impressive for me till now: France!


  1. Hi Oese, I have been waiting for the party to begin! :-) I see your dolls have got great seats!

    I liked France too, but my favourites so far is Finland and Italy. (Karl Edo's favourite was the Russian singer though, even though he didn't throw a party since Norway didn't make it to the final, he's still watching the show) And now we just heard Germany, very nice! Mari thought it was very cool and catchy and very different from last year!

  2. Hi Pubdoll, welcome to my little party - not to compare with yours last years, but (even if I was tired from my work on the shoe rack-house) I wanted to make a little something for our sweet esc-tradition.
    I don't like lenas song. She has such a nice song we had to chose, but it doesn't win. I'm sorry for that, we will see, what the people think.
    The most important thing is the fun we have.
    See you!

  3. I think the songs in general were quite good this year (at least better than they used to be).
    I have a rather broad taste in music, so I liked the Georgian song as well. (The last one).
    And as I said earlier, I like the tilt-shift presentations, great show so far by Germany!
    Did you watch the semi on Thursday? The Red Bull Flying Bach show in the pause was freakin awesome!

  4. Oh, I and I almost forgot, kudos to Serbia for great style! Both Karl Edo and I loved everything there, the hair, makeup, clothes and background show! But I agree with you, France's background photos was very beautiful!

  5. Ha, I want to say quite the opposite: there is no song I'd like especially. But you're right too that the quality is better. I guess the reason is that the jury is half professional half audience.
    The danish song is in my ear, sounds pretty familiar.
    And no, I didn't watch the Semi, only heard it.
    Yeah, tilt-shift is nice, but the norwegian show with the dance around europa was much better! I mean that, not politeness.
    I've no idea who will win. What does Karl Edo say?

  6. I have no great favourite, but both Karl Edo and I liked Italy very well, but I'm afraid there's nothing to do with Aserbajdsjan. (We didn't like that song that much, we thought it was boring, but perhaps it will improve if we hear it more times)
    And I think it's official now, Aserbajdsjan has won! Mari's favourite was the Irish tall-hair-lipstick-guys.

  7. The Lundbys obviously know how to throw a good Eurovision party! :)

    I'm a sucker for Eurovision too. I was surprised that Azerbaijan won, & that Finland didn't do better. Finland's was one of my favourites (along with Georgia & Ireland, I was actually hoping John & Edward would win - ha!) - the crowd seemed to REALLY enjoy Paradise Oskar in both the semi-final & tonight's show.

  8. Good morning, I went to bed last night, when it was clear, that the boring Aserbaijan song would win.
    I'm happy that the Italian song was as high in the voting and I'm happy too that H. Bean has introduced and I got to know a wonderful blog and craftman. So beatiful to see with a first look. With my early morning tea which is on the stove at the moment I will look closer.
    Have a good sunday you ESC-companions!

  9. Wow, you have written a million posts since I last visited Petra ;P!

    Do you remember that we kind of started emailing after the last Eurovision contest? I think it was at Pubdoll's blog at her Eurovision party ...haha :).

  10. Wie schön - Habe ich ja leider zu spät entdeckt, aber gestern war ich zu sehr mit gucken beschäftigt :) Mein Favorit war auch Italien und die Irischen Turbo-Zwillinge fand ich auch klasse - Naja, den tatsächliche Sieger fand ich denn nicht so spektakulär... Aber so kann´s gehen! Nette Fotos, auch Qualitativ doch voll okay!

    LG, Nicola

    Wegen des 26., ich würde mich sehr über ein Wiedersehen freuen, kann aber noch nix genaues sagen. Ich habe jetzt einen Halbtagsjob und in der Woche muss ich wahrscheinlich Nachmittags arbeiten, wann genau kämst du denn?

  11. Missed the happening this year....too much to do.
    Petra - I adore this house!

  12. Hi Sans, no - I don't remember, but I'll check it out. I heared that Aserbaidjan is about 4 hours far from us, so next year we will be more together watching this event. Nice you stopped by. Is the ESC as famous in your country as it is in Australia?

    Nicola, wir machen das irgendwie .... Ich habe ja Urlaub.

    Neomilein, Du Liebe. Schön, dass du mein Haus magst. Ich finde es sehr anstrengend, mich zu entscheiden. Mal möchte ich doch so einen Cottage-Style, shabbychic. Dann doch lieber schlicht und ergreifend und weiß gestrichen. Oder vielleicht in mehreren Farben? Ach, wir werden sehen.
    Schade, dass du nicht ESC sehen konntest, verabreden wir uns für das nächste Jahr?

  13. Prima :) Meld´ dich (oder ich mich ;D )

    LG, Nicola

  14. I'm very behind in my blog reading so have only just seen this post. They hold off broadcasting Eurovision here so the final is always on Sunday night (7:30 pm start, I think).

    We were very excited to get a mention in the intro: the Europeans must think it very odd that a country on the other side of the world that's not even eligible to enter has a presence and such an interest in the contest.