Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2009

oh, mir fällt nix ein - no idea for the title

Hier kann man sehen, wie ich das mit der Sch...säule löse: Kommt einfach ein Windspiel davor.
You can see my solution with the pillar: I put a wind chime before.
Auf diesem Foto sieht man die Markise für die Terasse. Ich mochte den gelb-gestreiften Stoff nicht und wollte eine durchsichtige Lösung. Leider reichte mein Material nicht aus, doch in die Lücke habe ich einfach etwas rotes Plexiglas geklebt, sieht doch aus, als müsste das so sein.
ENG.: Here you see the marquee for the terrace. I don't like the yellow cloth and wanted a see-through solution. My material was not enough, so I glued some red plexi in the hole. I think it works well.

Hier sieht man, dass der Raumteiler eigentlich der Garten sein sollte und dass das Regal aus einem Teil des (rosa) Daches gemacht ist. Ich mag diese genoppte Verpackungsfolie, daraus mache ich irgendwann nochmal was, hier ist sie nur die Rückwand für den Flur.
The room-diviner was the garden before and the shelve is made from a part of the (pink) roof. I really love this wrapping, that comes in nearly every packet. Once I will make something with it, today I used it for the wall in the corridor.


  1. Dear Oese,
    I have been visiting my mother, where the internet is very slow, so I had no chance to see your blog or comment. I love what you have done with this house! It is unrecognisable - you saw the potential, and now we see that it can be a wonderful modern house, not just a pink confection. And I am again amazed at your creativity - using the garden for a wall, and bubblewrap too! They both look so effective, and give this a lot of character.
    By the way, I may be old-fashioned too, but I think of a room divider as something that is not solid, like in 1960s houses, and a partition is solid. We certainly talk about partitioning a room off (in Australia, at least!)

  2. Dear Rebecca, you are such a kind woman! Thank you for your comment, especially about divider and partition ;-)
    pink confection, yes! I'm actually glad that I have a house, that exists only one time in the world.
    I hope you spent a nice time with your mother.

  3. Mother,
    a room divider is what we call a 'Paravent' in German, a folding screen that is used to block certain areas of a room from view - like the one in the changing room of our gym! I thought that's what you were referring to when you said 'Raumteiler' - didn't see that you meant a solid wall.

  4. Daughter,
    you see: that's so wonderfull in the mini-world: you can imagine, that a piece of mdf glued on another piece is a room-divider and you can put it where you want, or a solid wall or another idea of the architect, perhaps a solid wall, which can be changed with a few tools - I know, something like this exists.
    but you need a litte bit of fantasy, do you know what I mean????
    kisses and hugs