Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2009


Today (Corpus Christi) is a holiday in my country and so I worked on my Villa.

First I painted more things black.

I'm very angry with me because of the pillars. the result is unbelievable bad. I hope, that my son won't have a look at this.

I wasn't shure wether the side wall would be better in the middle or like in the next foto.

I decided to put it like this and glue a little shelve (made from the rest of the mdf). By the way, I read a few days ago in Doreen's Blog: "I hate MDF".Today I can say the same: "I hate MDF" and there are too many reasons to tell you all.
Then I glued the room-divider, even if I think, that partition is a much nicer expression. but my daughter now wanted to "help" me to update my old-fashioned english. A sheet of sort of cloth is a better background than my ingrain wallpaper.

Here is the result with a few pieces of furniture.


  1. More help from the daughter: There is no h in 'sure'!

  2. yes, I discovered this, but was too lazy to correct. I'm shure, that everyone was aware what I meant.