Samstag, 18. Juli 2009

For my new followers Josje and Kathi and Ascension

Zentriert I made up my outdoor-mini-space. The sun isn't shining today, but I hope you will enjoy sitting here and relaxing - so do I, it's weekend!!!!
Welcome to my blog and thank you for your interest and comments!

On this foto you can see the little garden-house in the background. I want to make cushions for it in oriental style. I've got the fabric for it, but don't know when I'll be in the mood for starting (and ending, Ha).


  1. Thanks for the nice welcome! I love your blog!
    You have so many wonderful ideas, like this one!
    A garden in a plant pot! Brilliant!

  2. Thank you so much, Kathi. Like many others this is not my idea. I stole it. On FlickR or on other blogs I see so nice scenes and ideas, many of them I try to copy but stay in my own style. I'm glad you like. Thanks again.

  3. I love your outdoor garden. (But then you know how I like the outdoors.)

  4. thank you doreen. I am glad to have no garden, because I wouldn't give the plants enough water, when it is hot. When it is hot, I feel so bad, that I need someone who gives ME water.
    but I know that you love gardening very much and so I am glad you enjoy my little piece of green.