Sonntag, 12. Juli 2009

Sommer-Flohmarkt / fleamarket in summer

Wieder habe ich für meine25 Euro eine Menge Sachen gekriegt, nur hat es diesmal nicht so großen Spaß gemacht, weil es geregnet hat.
Dies sind meine Lieblinge:

Again I found a lot of nice things for my 25 €, but this time it wasn't so nice because it rains.
Here my favorites.


  1. What a lot of nice things you found. I can't wait to see what you will do with them. You and I are a lot different in our tastes - you like modern and I like shabby chic. But I love what you create - it is wonderful.

  2. thank you so much doreen. yes, I like modern, but I also like to combine different styles. One antique piece is wonderful in a modern room. Or chrome and spacy accesoires in oldfashioned furniture CAN be nice too.
    Most of all I love the fun and joy that someone has while decorating. Hope you like my creations, they look not completely new...

  3. So viele niedliche Sachen! Der roter Elefant ist toll, und ich mag auch die Stehlampe!

  4. I think the red elephant is famous, do you know him? I thouht he was according to the brand Elefanten-Schuhe (childrens shoes in Germany), but I googled it and he is a little different.
    But it doesn't matter - it is nice!

  5. I found the red elephant named Drumbo. He is designed by Luigi Colani (and Dresdner Bank used it for advertising).
    That's so cool about good and famous Design, it is simple but you'll never forget it.
    I am mostly a bit touched when I see a real good design.